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Year Make Model Color Title Price View Picture
2018 Ford F150 XLT Supercab Magma Red 2018  Ford  F150 XLT Supercab  Color: Magma Red  VIN:JKD11716 46830
2018 Ford F150 SuperCrew Lariat Magnetic 2018  Ford  F150 SuperCrew Lariat  Color: Magnetic  VIN:JFC07506 49680
2017 Ford Taurus Limited Ingot Silver 2017  Ford  Taurus Limited  Color: Ingot Silver  VIN:FMCC56 24900
2017 Ford Expedition Limited Ingot Silver 2017  Ford  Expedition Limited  Color: Ingot Silver  VIN:FMCC10 49900
2017 Ford Mustang Convertible Premium Ruby Red 2017  Ford  Mustang Convertible Premium  Color: Ruby Red  VIN:FMCC92 27900
2016 Ford Focus SE Ingot Silver 2016  Ford  Focus SE  Color: Ingot Silver  VIN:FMCC14 14900
2015 Ford Fusion Titanium Ruby Red 2015  Ford  Fusion Titanium  Color: Ruby Red  VIN:FMCC69 21900
2015 Ford Fusion SE Ruby Red 2015  Ford  Fusion SE  Color: Ruby Red  VIN:NEEL 15900
2014 Ford Fusion SE Oxford White 2014  Ford  Fusion SE  Color: Oxford White  VIN:FMCC2 15900
2013 Ford Taurus Limited Ingot Silver 2013  Ford  Taurus Limited  Color: Ingot Silver  VIN:JAMO 12900

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